Up to our necks in ties!

Up to our necks in ties!

Unpredictable and playful, the Hermès tie is not just for the office. It is a few silken grams of individuality and lighthearted allusions for the neck. A perfect way to play with appearances, an everyday trompe-l’œil, the tie reveals a digression, the unexpected, the off-piste. An aesthetic joy, infinitely transformable, it elevates the silhouette in an instant.

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A promise of warmth

Wrapped around the neck, men’s scarves and carrés in silk, wool, and cashmere evoke a dreamlike world in pastel tones, illuminated by pop colors.

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Joy in softness

Combining wintery materials and signature details, men’s scarves take liberties with the carré format.

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Cityslide Cross

The unconstrained Cityslide Cross is a discreet bag that frees up the hands. Worn against the body like a second skin, it offers an array of versatile wearing styles. Its geometric architecture of straight lines adds strength and character, while its urban flair propels the sporting world into the city, revisiting the design codes of men’s leather goods with style and modernity.

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A little afternoon nap…

A few minutes are enough. On the grass, she has kept her warm clogs on and closed her book. The rabbits wait for her to wake up.

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High color

In their palette of assertive shades, this season’s objects have the ability to embellish the summer wardrobe.

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Podcasts from Le Monde d’Hermès

If the large hand on a watch could talk, what story would it tell? And if a show-jumping obstacle pole became a sports commentator, what would it say during a Saut Hermès event? What is the day-to-day life of a character in a scarf design like? 
This series of podcasts invites some surprising protagonists of everyday life to share a moment of lightness with us.