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Sustainable Development

Hermès’ action for sustainable development is founded on the values passed down through the generations by the artisans who have shaped our house and our objects since 1837. The roots of our longevity lie in a sense of responsibility, a quest for authenticity, and respect for time and natural resources. We wish to leave a positive imprint on the world. Men and women, the communities that we belong to, and materials derived from our natural environment have been our constant companions from our very origins. Today, they are more than ever at the heart of our preoccupations and our commitment to progress.
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Footsteps accross the world

Through this collection of films, documentary maker Frédéric Laffont reveals with humanistic perspective our unique relationship to sustainable development.

New footsteps


    Les ateliers de Fitilieu,
    a pilot training site

    This new workshop for leatherworkers from the Savoie-Dauphiné cluster, is finding innovative ways to welcome more people with disabilities.

    On the Hermès silk road

    Ever since Jeu des omnibus et dames blanches was created by Robert Dumas in 1937, the first in a long line of Hermès scarves, silk twill squares have come directly from the workshops in the Lyon region. The house has invested in developing the traditional skills contributed by long-standing partners to its textile division.

    Global Compact, an international code of conduct

    Some 9,000 companies around the world, including Hermès, voluntarily adhere to this “vade mecum” of corporate social responsibility. A United Nations initiative, it aims to involve private stakeholders in its ambitious sustainable development programme (SDGs).

Our 2018 registration document

Extract CSR from the annual report 2018
Sustainable Development, 172 pages, 3.96 MB



Our imprint on...

  • Les femmes et les hommes

    Hermès employs 13,500 men and women, including 4,500 craftspeople, who form the first métier of the house. This land of hand changes and hires nonstop. To train, pass on, develop, ensure well-being, health and solidarity… Our ambition is to stimulate the personal growth of everyone involved.
  • The Planet

    Hermès endeavors to exalt, in twenty or so métiers, the most beautiful materials offered by nature. Our artisans’ skillful hands respect leather, silk, fabric, wood, crystal and precious metals. To preserve, optimize, revalue and draw… Our duty is to achieve the sustainable use of these resources.
  • The communities

    Hermès owns 41 of its 52 manufactures in France and more than 300 stores around the world. Our proximity with suppliers, partners and territories is cultivated in the field. To fertilize, mesh, renovate and be committed… Our role, as an environment-friendly company, is to build sustainable ties.