A lighthearted day

A lighthearted day

Up on Hermès’ roof, the cavalryman stands guard on horseback. He muses on the discoveries that await him on this lighthearted afternoon.

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Our cave of wonders


Double take

This season, the Gourmette Double Tour is boldly reinterpreted, combining leather and a polished metal chain, both elegant and assertive. It is also available in a black leather version, for a simple and chic urban spirit.

Lucky Horse

The house’s famous horse inhabits on a playful watch face full of surprises. At 10:10, the hands form the outline of a harness. When the wrist is down, the horse takes on nighttime colors, and its eyes close. A sweet invitation to sleep…

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Objects for Interior life

The collections for the home enrich the space and bring our interiors to life. The objects enchant us and nourish our dreams and emotions with their extra measure of soul. 


What is it all about?

Original know-how, objects with contrasting materials and textiles with graphic designs punctuate the new collections for the home.


An ear for beauty

Bold earrings and large leather-sheathed hoops frame the face with the most impeccable know-how.

Be all ears

Seasonal companions

Caps and hats opt for water-repellent flannel, while wide-brimmed hats and berets adopt cashmere broadcloth, for a multitude of stylish headwear options.

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Podcasts from Le Monde d’Hermès

If the large hand on a watch could talk, what story would it tell? And if a show-jumping obstacle pole became a sports commentator, what would it say during a Saut Hermès event? What is the day-to-day life of a character in a scarf design like? 
This series of podcasts invites some surprising protagonists of everyday life to share a moment of lightness with us.