Men's summer 2022 collection

Men's summer 2022 collection

The men’s summer 2022 collection exudes an air of relaxed light-heartedness and freedom #HermesHomme. It casts a new light on the Hermès man, who overturns perspectives.

Balance point

Materials are blended, techniques combined and innovation juxtaposed with heritage, delineating an active man always in equilibrium.

Material duality

A trompe-l’œil sets us off course. Paper becomes fabric, Toilbright and cotton covert coincide, and leather is enlivened with bursts of colour and graphic stitching.

Hybrid elegance

Beneath an air of relaxed nonchalance, structured sophistication emerges in evening wear. This hybridisation establishes a new form of elegance, giving the looks vibrancy and fluidity.

Colour power

Cheerful colours tumble into a harmonious array punctuated with contrasts. Céladon, chocolat, algue and carbone team up with the soft tones of rose grisé, pierre and grège.

Summer lightness

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