Women’s spring-summer 2021 runway show

Women’s spring-summer 2021 runway show

Summer ushers in a rush of freedom. A graceful, confident silhouette, a sensitive second skin that expresses strength and fragility. Reconnecting with the outside and rediscovering sensuality.

Structure and fluidity

The lines hug the body to better enhance it, framing without restricting. The clothing liberates, the materials protect, the warm colors tenderly interact. 

Utility meets sensory pleasure

Apparent sobriety reveals a world of possibilities: a rolled collar, intricately woven leather, a saddle that becomes a bag. The new vision of utilitarian comfort. 

The set

The looks are reflected in a series of mirrors, passing the organic forms of artist Claudia Wieser. In an exalted reality, a new woman is revealed.

BK – Film
Studio Frédéric Sanchez - Music
Gaspar Ruiz Lindberg – Detail photography 
Ilaria Orsini – Scenography photography