Qingdao Hisense Plaza store reopening

Qingdao Hisense Plaza store reopening 

The new exterior façade features mineral materials in three ombre colours, giving a distinctive wave-like pixilation that evokes the landscape of the surrounding Laoshan Mountain. The glass-bottomed façade with a hand-carved wooden lattice offers a semi-transparent view of the inside of the store.

Hermès Qingdao Hisense Plaza Store

117 Aomen Road, Shinan District, Qingdao
Hisense Plaza 

Newly refurbished and extended store 

Upon entering, there are the women’s and men’s silk collections, preceding the leather universe. On the right-hand side, environed by the perfume and the objects for the home, fashion jewellery is showcased. On the left-hand side, between the women’s and men’s universes, there are the fine jewellery and watches collections, both framed by wall panels specially handcrafted using bamboo mosaic tiles. The men’s universe is displayed in a refined space of sartorial grey-blue walls, while the women’s universe is accentuated by walls in bright yellow sand tones.