Objects for Interior life

Objects for Interior life

The objects in the collections for the home bring spaces to life by enlivening them with their presence. They enchant us with their uniqueness, fostering a strong relationship with our interior. As drivers of emotion, they become our accomplices and accompany us in our everyday lives.

  • Creative encounters

    Developed under the aegis of deputy artistic directors Charlotte Macaux Perelman and Alexis Fabry, the collections for the home reveal the authenticity and diversity of their work with materials. Designers and craftsmen combine their skills and their attentive eyes to create distinctive, contemporary and innovative objects for the long term.

    A look back at Milan Design Week 2019

From material to object

The intrinsic qualities of the material, its strength or suppleness, roughness or softness, invites a design or, on the contrary, constrains a shape or pattern. It is a key element of the creation process, dictating its requirements to shape and give live to the object.