The Enchanted Garden

The Enchanted Garden

Hermès Maison Shanghai Autumn Window by French artist Jean-François Fourtou. “The Enchanted Garden” is an invitation to go back to the enchanted world of childhood and dreams. The child-sized gardeners named Nanito are invading the Hermès Maison Shanghai windows bringing the sensation of a surreal and wonderful Hermès garden. 


 Cave of mysteries

Nanito is examining the condition of the roots, and the other two are carrying a ladder while stepping on a wheelbarrow as if they are on their way to another work site. 



"Gardeners are either carefully watering the next season’s Nanito who is gradually growing or sitting on the haystack deep in thought - harvest does not come easy. "


The gardeners in the enchanted garden symbolize the core of creativity: craftsmanship and ingenuity. The process of coming up with creative ideas is like searching for the root of inspiration in a dark cave. Only by climbing towards the glimmer of light can we ascend to the realm of inspiration.