Dreamland at Hermès Maison

Dreamland at Hermès Maison

 A solo exhibition by the Artist Yan Xiaojing

The artist brings viewers an image-rich experience through a series of immersive installations, dialogues between different materials, and interaction between multiple mediums. Viewers penetrate the parallel and enigmatic world of another’s dream, while experiencing the limitless mysteries of the cosmos. The exhibition is the beginning of a miraculous journey in pursuit of dreams: wandering through Mountain of Pines and Nebula, encountering Lingzhi Girl, Morning Glory and Ink-Water-Stone.

  • Mountain of Pines 

    The artwork navigates through natural and cultural realms deeply grounded in Chinese philosophies, myths and folklore. Inspired by the utopian scenes depicted 
    in traditional Chinese Shan Shui (ink wash) paintings. 

  • Lingzhi Girl 

    Yan attempted this hybrid bio-art experiment—Lingzhi Girl. With science and chance playing equal parts, the work seemed to restore some kind of balance between human and nature, responding also to the role of environmental sustainability in contemporary art production.

  • Ink-Water-Stone

    Yan decided to capture the utterly captivating scene of ink dissolving in clean water, like a plume of smoke dancing, flying, and transforming. 

“Dreamland” exhibition
From July 12nd to August 4th
 11 am -21:30 pm
The Hermès Maison in Shanghai
217, Middle Huaihai Road