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Silk, not so square

Silk steps outside the box, breaks down barriers and exudes its own style. Vibrant colours, new formats, explosive motifs: the silk scarf breaks with convention...

Bold wearing styles 

Fold, knot, repeat... With each new way of wearing a scarf, a style is invented: urban Apache, bold warrior or ultra-colourful lover. Place your bets and take a gamble on carrés, bandanas, twillys or nanos.

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  • Wow

    The silk scarf is constantly reinvented and, in a major innovation, is now printed on both sides, with each side of the scarf presenting a different version of the same design. Imagined by young French designer Ugo Bienvenu, the Wow scarf tells a single story: in French on the multicoloured side and in English on the monochrome side. The spirited and intrepid heroine crosses Paris on horseback, on rollerblades and by jet ski, and embodies the Hermès woman to perfection. 

  • Della Cavalleria Favolosa

    Inspired by a Bavarian treatise on equitation conserved in the Émile Hermès collection, the Della Cavalleria Favolosa scarf now features its fabulous creatures on both sides of the silk. This illustration by Virginie Jamin mingles fanciful monsters with richly ornamented horses.

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At the heart of design

A design is above all a story, a whole world of possibilities, an imaginary voyage. Each season, Hermès collaborates with new artists who create a fantastical illustration within a silk scarf, a design inspired by the equestrian universe or... their own dreams.  Encounters. 

  • Alice Shirley

    Be it Under the Waves or Into the Canadian Wild, the London-based designer sets out on a colorful journey and turns a sketch into a scarf.

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