The Invisible Traveler l Hermès

The Invisible Traveler

Hermès Maison Shanghai spring window by artist duo Chiaozza
Chiaozza’s creation involves a variety of mediums including sculpture, installations and paper art, etc.... Based on their childlike imagination, Chiaozza explored the boundary between the natural and imaginary worlds, Chiaozza transformed Hermès windows into cast light on the wondrous, the magical, and the humorous aspects of everyday life by arts. Behind each window is  the journey across two imaginary spaces. 
In the window of Hermès Maison Shanghai, the viewer follows an invisible traveler on their journey across two imaginary spaces.

Mystery filled-depth

The exploration of the mystery-filled depth and limitless possibilities of the subconscious. In the distance, the splendid evening sun sinks into the sea and its golden rays fill the caverns.

A surreal wonderland

Like in a Dali painting, we enter that space between the logic and subconscious, immersed in a surreal wonderland where noon and dusk coexist.These traces are signs of their presence and we follow them into the Future Forest at Moonrise. In this typical dreamscape, the forest at night is filled with unusual plants.  Time stands still and all is quiet.