Shanghai IFC l Hermès

Shanghai IFC store reopening 

A refurbished store in the heart of Lujiazui, after its inauguration in 2010.

Monday to Sunday from 10am to 10pm
Shanghai IFC
8 Century Avenue

Newly renovated and expanded store 

The newly renovated and expanded store welcomes guests into a 568m2 space which spans two levels. The interior interacts subtly with the geometry of the mall architecture. The sculpted glass with varying degrees of translucency creates a poetic rippling effect on the impressive facade and screens the view into the store, which offers a journey into the Hermès métiers.
Once inside, visitors are treated to the house’s architectural signatures, such as the Grecque lights – moulded glass globes specially designed for Hermès in 1925. Completely encased in a glittering, fish-scale-effect facade, the store features, in its central area, fine jewellery and watches, along with a selection of silk scarves which showcase the house’s exceptional craftsmanship. In the area to the right, customers are invited to explore the Hermès world of fragrances. This section leads into the leather and equestrian collections. To the left, visitors can explore the women’s and men’s universes. Accessible by a discreetly located staircase on the first floor, the private lounge offers a comfortable, intimate ambience with a warm palette of colours and materials.

Special Products

To celebrate the launch of the renovated IFC store, Hermès presents five special products that represent its passion and dedication to craftsmanship.  

Window Story

The window display is relating a dream. The pony leaps out of the frame and transforms into a free spirit.
It trots around the set playing with all the cast.
  • Once immersed in the dream, every piece of furniture suddenly comes alive. The bed stands up and opens the door, then follows the pony’s spirit.
  • Beyond the door is a stairway which the stool is climbing step by step, and the pony’s spirit traces these steps to head upstairs.
  • The pony’s spirit leaps out the window into the Milky Way. All the furniture is arranged in stacks ready to climb out the window in pursuit.
  • Once it has reached the rooftop, the pony’s spirit leads all the furniture to the wonderland at the other side of the tunnel.
  • Finally, the pony’s spirit greets each piece of furniture that arrives in the fantasy palace and they all have a joyful time together. Afterwards, the window looks just like it has woken from a dream.