Wash Carré | Hermès

The Wash Carré

The Hermès scarf has reinvented itself to spawn the Wash: a silk carré whose irresistible softness is achieve through a unique washing ritual.

A one-of-a-kind beauty

Topstitched in the workshops then plunged into a large bath, the carré 90 is washed by the expert hands of our craftspeople following an intricate process. Their dexterity transforms the silk, giving it a new texture; while its colours change hue.
The twill is mattified and the colours have a filtered look. The scarf softens, becomes more velvety. Its silk acquires a beautiful, one-of-a-kind patina. An everyday companion, the scarf can actually be washed... in a washing machine!

Three emblematic drawings

These three drawings brighten the Wash carrés with the colours of the season: Gianpaolo Pagni’s Manufacturedeboucleriesdétail, Wlodek Kaminski’sCoupédegala, and Kermit Oliver’s PaniLaSharPawnee.