Women's Spring-Summer 2019 | Hermes

Women’s Spring-Summer 2019 Show

The odyssey is just beginning.

The collection

Both sailor and saddler, the Hermès woman sails into the horizon, painting herself as an navigator.

The details

The Hermès woman turns a sailor’s smock into a parka.
The lines unravel themselves like new perspectives.
Under the sun, she wanders with techno-spartan sandals.
Always carefree.
She steals a groom’s apron and turns it into a summer dress. Knotting and bending boat ropes with snap hooks as fasteners.
A quilted cotton and silk trench coat in titanium grey, a skirt in perforated calfskin in clay green, a biker-style jacket in khaki; the rouge H lines draw the silhouette.

The scenography

In a game of reflections, we sail into the horizon, along the edge of two worlds, between sky and land: revealing summer perspectives.
Credits :

Antoine Asseraf and Thibault Della Gaspera – Film
Jean-François José – Runway photography
Lena C. Emery – Collection photography
Matthieu Raffard – Scenography photography Studio 
Frédéric Sanchez – Music