Silk and Whatknot | Hermès

A head for knots

Hermès teaches you the art of scarf knotting. 

  • Riding style

    Folded diagonally and knotted under a cap, no gust of wind will unhorse your scarf.

  • Urban tightrope walker

    Wrapped around the neck, allowing the colour to shine, the scarf sets out to conquer the city and the space without ever losing its balance.

  • Planetary shift

    Folded unevenly with two corners at the front, the double-sided silk scarf showcases its know-how in any atmosphere.

The Silk Knots App

A tie-in service for successful knotting!
A scarf or a tie, 
for women or for men,
play with Hermès silk. Knot your tie or scarf with elegance and imagination.