Larubizana - Le Bouclier de la Beaute scarf 140


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Giant scarf in silk twill (100% silk)
Made in France

Designed by Sefedin Kwumi

Dimensions: 140 x 140 cm

The story behind

In the early 2000s, Hermès released a scarf designed by a young Sudanese boy: La Tour Eiffel s’envole. At that time two pediatricians, the founders of the Polataka School, were working in Sudan, Africa, using art therapy to help children heal from trauma. Jean-Louis Dumas was impressed by the children's talent. Sefedin is now an adult, but he has never stopped drawing or dreaming. His fairytale dreams carry him to a place of peace: a beautiful Nuba warrior brandishes a magnificent shield. The enemies of his people, fascinated by the colors, withdraw their spears and surrender. Through the force of the shield’s beauty alone, over time she restores peace and becomes their queen. In the Nuba language this scarf is named Larubizana –Shield of Beauty.