Men’s autumn-winter 2021 collection

Men’s autumn-winter 2021 collection

Directed by Cyril Teste, the collection explores the idea of inside-outside, with clothes that forge new links between the interior and the exterior, the intimate and the public. 
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The collection

Hybrid and inventive, the pieces combine nonchalance and elegance with graphic signatures, out-of-frame pockets and playful asymmetries. The looks offer a range of interplays between lines and colours, a source of energy.

Upstairs and downstairs

The main staircase of the Mobilier national in Paris resembles a backbone bathed in light, which distributes the upper and lower levels, the inside and the outside, and de-compartmentalises the spaces.

Materials front and centre

Voluptuous or compact materials collide in bold associations that blur the lines between formal and informal.

Close-up on details

Colours - cumin, wisteria, rouge H, frosted blue - joyously shake up variations on liquorice, pepper and petrol blue. Borrowed from saddlery, piqûres étrivière and piqûres filantes are discreetly displayed. Geometric variations sketch optimistic illusions of motion.

Credits : backstage @Marton Perlaki, looks @Filippo Fior, ambiance @Raffard Roussel