Men’s autumn-winter 2019 collection

Men’s autumn-winter 2019 collection

Sophisticated simplicity.
Curved lines respond to straight lines. Sensual materials, metallic accents. The horse transforms into a dragon. Dream or reality ?

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Summits of silk

With total freedom, silk takes us to the summits of style and glides its way through winter. Woven, embroidered and vibrant, silk makes a big impression and takes its place on the podium. 


Hermès on Stage

The rehearsal 
A stolen painting? who would do that?

RSE Femmes et Hommes

The golden filets of porcelain

In the Hermès workshops in Nontron, eight gilders master the art of decorating ceramic pieces by hand.


The Enchanted Garden

Hermès Maison in Shanghai celebrates the autumn season by unveiling its autumn window created by French artist Jean-François Fourtou.