Playfull Christmas l Hermès

Playful Christmas at Hermès Maison

Winter Window & Exhibition by artist Lu Pingyuan
Lu Pingyuan uses a variety of media for his creations, including sculpture, installation, and animation. He tells joyful and imaginative tales through his art. Inspired by cartoons and toys, Lu Pingyuan has rediscovered the creativity of childhood through this year’s Hermès theme “Let’s Play!”. With the theme in mind, Lu transformed the Hermès windows into an amazing “Play House”. Each window features a child who has taken apart various toys and reassembled them according to their whim.

The Girl’s Toy Box

In the women’s universe window, a girl plays house within a dramatic setting. Every object that emerges from the girl’s toy box has a matching color and style, thus implying that girls’ games are well organized.

The Boy’s Crazy Workshop

The men’s universe window has been converted into a boy’s crazy workshop. His creativity allows him to dissemble and reassemble toys and to turn hybrids of different playthings into sculpture-like artifacts. Lu adopted a narrative that blends reality and fiction, while using a three-dimensional style to display a new type of aesthetics. The result being several self-deprecating, humorous, thrilling, joyful, and imaginative objects and tales.

“La Malle aux Trésors”

The window display concept extends to the fourth floor of Hermès Maison in Shanghai. Lu Pingyuan imagines the rapport between “Create” and “Play” in his solo exhibition “La Malle aux Trésors” by creating a shared space for both art and toys. Lu enlarged three toy boxes so that the artworks tumble out as if they are real toys telling a story of childlike innocence.
In the exhibition, the artist pays tribute to several figures who have influenced his creations, from modern masters to cartoon characters, including the bad boy Sid in Toy Story.
From November 23rd to December 25th
11am to 9:30pm
217, Middle Huaihai Road 

  • “Toys as sculptures”

  • “Color books as paintings”

  • “Animation as videos”

Charity Scarf

Hermès also greets Christmas with its heartfelt Charity Scarf project. Since 2016, Hermès China has held an annual Charity Scarf program. This year, following the theme “Let’s Play!”, the limited-edition twill silk scarf Le Tour du Monde en 63 Cases was created. Profits from sales will be donated to the China Children and Teenagers Fund, for the development of children's health and education.