Voitures a Transformation scarf 70


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Scarf in silk and viscose muslin Plumetis with hand-rolled edges (80% silk, 20% viscose).

Unique expertise combining Jacquard weave and embroidery. The lightness of muslin is enhanced with resolutely "pop" plumetis!

Made in France

Designed by Françoise de La Perrière

Dimensions: 70 x 70 cm

The story behind

A universal panorama of high bodywork and upholstery, exhibition by Guillon in London in 1851. This album, composed of colored illustrations enhanced with gouache, is kept in the Émile Hermès collection. A few models of convertible horse-drawn carriages inspired Françoise de la Perrière to design this composition. The particularly dynamic French and international bodywork of the mid-19th century demonstrated great inventiveness, combining aesthetics and technical innovation. For example, a Parisian workshop presented a coupé at the 1851 London Universal Exhibition, where the windows were lowered or raised simply by pressing a button, a modular carriage... Convertible cars are very popular in France, as shown here by the ancestors of convertibles that surround a caning motif, often used at the time to adorn car bodies.