Mors a Jouets Chemise maxi-twilly slim


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Product description

Maxi-twilly slim in silk twill (100% silk).

The Maxi-twilly is refined, lengthened and slimmed! A size that is easily worn on the head, as a belt or around the neck.

Made in France

Designed by Henri d'Origny

Dimensions: 10 x 180 cm

The story behind

Based on the design of the Mors à Jouets Chemise scarf:
The Mors à Jouets design by Henri d'Origny is a Hermès equestrian classic. Placed in the horse's mouth and connected to the reins, the jaws make it possible to steer. They are called "à jouet" when they contain a few small dangling beads that promote the salivation of the animal and thus facilitate the relaxation of its mouth. A detail of this composition is enlarged to become a scarf itself. Embellished with fine stripes similar to those used to make men's shirts, it becomes a Mors à jouets chemise.